Branding has been defined as many things. We like to use the simplest definition we know:

Your Brand = Your Reputation

When you’re working on building your brand, keep in mind that it should:
Be Memorable
Be Compelling
Be Authentic
Be Consistent
Connect with the Consumer

Let’s talk about clarity and consistency. This is where many businesses get it wrong. The reality is that new businesses need more clarity than anyone. When you’re swimming in a sea of competition, you do not want to make this major mistake that I’ve seen many entrepreneurs make:

You muddy up your message with too many disconnected ideas and end up confusing your customer. A confused customer doesn’t buy. 

Given the choice between these two options for a web designer, which one would you go with?

#1. We build websites that engage audiences and create a harmonious concurrence between arresting visuals, informative content, appropriate use of technology and seamless interaction between visitor and brand. OR

#2. We help female entrepreneurs build powerful brands online, creating the platform they need to grow and prosper.

Most of us would go with the second option since it’s fairly clear and straight to the point. Because there are so many messages consumers get in a given day (some studies say up to 20,000 in one day), it’s even more critical for your brand message to be clear and consistent. The most powerful thing you can do is to build your brand around your brand promise. Your brand promise is the expected tangible benefit which creates desire for a product or service.

Pick one concept. One idea. Establish it. Then branch out from there. The best brands stand for a big idea. What’s your big idea?

Be clear. Be consistent. And remember: A confused buyer doesn’t buy.


What do you think is your biggest brand challenge?